Philadelphia Custom Clothiers offers only the best custom made bespoke Custom Suits in Philadelphia. This is why we believe in quality and will only sell Superfine 150’s and Superfine 180’s 100% Wool Cashmere suits. Our Superfine 150’s is only $539 and includes all suit options for free. Our Premium (includes 100% cotton) shirts beats all of our competition at $75 each and includes all styling options such as inner, outer, full contrast collar & cuff, monogram, pockets, and others.


Pricing of a nearby Custom Clothing Store

Basic entry level suit: $449
Upgrade to superfine 130’s: $75 extra
Upgrade to superfine 140’s: $150 extra
Upgrade to superfine 150’s: $250 extra
Working Buttonhole (must have for a custom suit): $30

All in cost: $729 for a superfine 150’s custom suit

Low Grade Shirts (2 for $99)
Grade A: $25 (upgrade cost)
Grade B: $40 (upgrade cost)
Grade C: $50 (upgrade cost)
Monogram $3, Pocket $5 each, White Collar & Cuff $10, French Cuff $10 & more
Their Grade B (slightly less than equivalently to our Grade A): 2 for $99 + $80 (2 upgrades) + $18 or more in upgrades = $197 for 2 shirts (ouch!)


Dare to compare? Custom doesn’t have to be expensive. Philadelphia Custom Clothiers offers the highest quality workmanship, finest fabric quality and at a reasonable price. 

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